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Submission Guidelines

  • Only discussion papers of UCSIA or SCRIBANI affiliates (invited guest speakers, participants in workshops and seminars) will be accepted.
  • The paper should correspond to UCSIA's aim to stimulate academic debate on themes related to religion, culture and society, preferably in the context of Europe.
  • All papers will be refereed by a team of experts who will decide about publication or not.
  • Many of you wish to publish your research in another working paper series such as that issued by your home department or another institution to which you are affiliated. We are confident that circulation through the UCSIA series complements this. We expect that your work will achieve wider circulation as an UCSIA discussion paper, especially in countries other than your own. Therefore, we place no restrictions on submitting your paper simultaneously to working paper series other than ours. Please note, however, that your paper has to be unpublished research work.
    Most publishers allow prepublication of articles submitted to their journals. Pre-publication gives you the copyright to the pre-print version which you would not obtain without pre-publication. The copyright of the final version usually goes to the publisher.
  • UCSIA discussion papers are not available in print. Papers are solely downloadable from the web.
  • Please refrain from submitting largely unfinished work because we do not update or replace the online versions of our papers except in cases where a convincing argument can be made that the original version is seriously flawed.

Submission Details

  • We only accept electronic submission
  • We will produce our own abstract page, so please make sure that the body of your paper starts on a separate page
  • We accept files in PDF or DOC format.
  • We accept papers in English, French and Dutch
  • Papers contain from 1.500 to 10.000 words
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