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Transcendence in the Tension between Modernity and Religion

UCSIA organised this conference and public lecture on 8 and 9 May 2014 in cooperation with the Center for Philosophy of Culture and the Pieter Gillis Center, both belonging to the University of Antwerp.

Prof. Dr. Brad Gregory (University of Notre Dame, USA) discussed the gradual secularisation of knowledge since the Reformation, referring to his recent book The Unintended Reformation (2012). Historical criticism in the humanities and the discoveries of the natural sciences challenged the epistemological status of theology as a scholarly discipline. Furthermore, the religious schisms during the Reformation played a crucial role in the secularisation of academic knowledge. The confessionalisation of higher education made it very difficult for theologians to handle the explosion of knowledge newly acquired outside of the universities and the challenges of the Enlightenment.

The participants tested these insights with other recent academic publications such as Radicale secularisatie (Pelckmans/Klement, 2013).

Contributors: Stijn Latré (University of Antwerp), Tom Jacobs (Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg), Erik Meganck (KU Leuven), Brad Gregory (University of Notre Dame, USA), Guido Marnef (University of Antwerp), André Cloots (KU Leuven and University of Antwerp). 

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