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Science Shaping the World of Tomorrow

The workshop ‘Science Shaping the World of Tomorrow’ opened on March 18th 2015 with a lecture by the former president of the European Research Area, Helga Nowotny, on ‘Between Day Science and Night Science and Why We Need Both’. This was followed by a panel discussion on what kind of knowledge  is needed for the ‘knowledge’ society with the president of the research council of the University of Antwerp, Jean-Pierre Timmermans, and science philosophers from the Ghent and Brussels universities, Anton Froeyman and Jean Paul Van Bendegem. 

The ensuing two-day workshop gathered over 30 researchers from Europe and the United States to discuss their research projects on the role of imagination in science and society. Leading scholars in the field of Science and Technology Studies, such as Sheila Jasanoff and Peter Galison of Harvard University, science fiction and utopia (Tom Moylan) and environmental sociology (Matthias Gross) introduced the four sessions with a keynote presentation, followed by a panel of four paper presentations. 

Contributors: Arthur Cools (Center for Philosophy of Culture, University of Antwerp, BELGIUM), Raf De Bont (Dept. of History, Faculty of Arts, KU Leuven, BELGIUM), Peter Galison (Dept. of the History of Science, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA), Matthias Gross (Dept. of Urban and Environmental Sociology, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Leipzig, GERMANY), Sheila Jasanoff (Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge, USA), Tom Moylan (School of Languages, Literature, Culture and Communication, University of Limerick, IRELAND), Helga Nowotny (WWTF - Vienna Science and Technology Fund, Vienna, Austria), Jean Paul Van Bendegem (Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science, Free University Brussels, BELGIUM), Maarten Van Dyck (Dept. of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, Ghent University, BELGIUM), Frédéric Vandermoere (Dept. of Sociology, University of Antwerp, BELGIUM), Geert Vanpaemel (Faculty of Arts, KU Leuven, BELGIUM) and Gert Verschraegen (Dept. of Sociology, University of Antwerp, BELGIUM)


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