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Complex Political Decision-Making

Leadership, Legitimacy and Communication

Peter Bursens (ed.), Christ'l De Landtsheer (ed.), Luc Braeckmans (ed.), Barbara Segaert (ed.)
ISBN  978 1 138 21114 8 (hbk)
ISBN  978 1 315 45353 8 (ebk)

 Routledge, 2017
223 pages,  240 x 160 mm

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Political and societal elites are increasingly confronted with complex environments in which they need to take collective decisions. Decision-makers are faced with policy issues situated at different intertwined levels which need to be negotiated with different actors. The negotiation and decision-making processes raise issues of legitimacy, leadership and communication. Modern societal systems are not only affected by horizontal specialization and diversity but also by a vertical expansion of governance layers. The national level is no longer the sole, or even the most important, level of governance. In these complex environments, cognitive abilities and personalities of political and societal elites have gained importance.

This book addresses the impact of an increasingly complex environment on the legitimacy and transparency of polities, on the role of leadership and political personality and on motivated images, rhetoric and communication. Examining how these issues interact at the macro and theoretical level, the types of problems decision-makers face and how they communicate ideas with their audiences, it brings together leading experts in political psychology, law and political science to bridge the gap in the way these disciplines explore the issue of complex decision-making.

This publication is a result of the international academic workshop Collective Decision Making in Complex Matters (2014).