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Wednesday December 5th Hof Van Liere, City campus, UAntwerpen

Public Opening Lecture

Oliver Richmond
Research Professor in International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Manchester, UK

Expert workshop
Thursday December 6th – Friday December 7th

Day I Day II
9h00 Welcome by UCSIA
9h10 Introduction by chair Introduction by chair
9h15 Introductory lecture on
The concept & history of peace building
Michael Pugh
Emeritus Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies University of Bradford
Introductory lecture on
Working within local contexts
Filip Ejdus
Assistant Professor of International Relations at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade
10h00 Response Response
10h15 Q+A Q+A
10h45 Coffee Break
11u15 Paper Presentations Panel I Paper Presentations Panel III
12h45 Lunch
13h45 Introduction by chair Introduction by chair
14h00 Introductory lecture on
The role of peace building actors
Atalia Omer
Associate Professor of Religion, Conflict, and Peace Studies at the Keough School of Global Affairs, University of Notre Dame
Introductory lecture on
Necessary conditions for successful peace building
Nina Wilén
Research Director for the Africa Programme at Egmont Institute and
Assistant Professor at Université Libre de Bruxelles
14h45 Response Response
15h00 Q+A Q+A
15h30 Coffee Break
16h00 Paper Presentations Panel II Paper Presentations Panel IV
17h30 End of Day programme