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Public Lectures

UCSIA New Year's Reception
with speeches by Barbara Baert and Luc Braeckmans
19 January 2017

Missionaries, Meshumadim (Converts) and Maskilim (Jewish Enlighteners):
An Entagled History of Christians, Jews, and Those in Between in Nineteenth Century Europe
Lecture UCSIA/IJS Chair
16 February 2017

Two Intellectual Giants of the Nineteenth Century and Their Contribution to Modern Jewish Civilization:
Isaac Baer Levinsohn and Morritz Steinschneider
Lecture UCSIA/IJS-leerstoel
22 February 2017

Building Trust in Taxation
Book launch
22 February 2017

Encountering the Stranger
21 March 2017

Epidemics in a Globalised World
22 March 2017

Het Marcusevangelie
27 March 2017

The Constructive and Critical Role of Religious Life

Lecture (English)
19 October 2016

Basic Law, Church and Religion
Conference (French)
30 November 2016

InformationĀ on past public lectures can be found in the Archive.