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Archive: Culture, Religion and Dialogue

Jews and Jesuits: Contacts Across the Ages
10th anniversary conference UCSIA/IJS Chair
1-2 February 2018

Female Mysticism
26 March 2018

Women mystics
1 December 2017

Challenging Stereotypes about Islamic Education and Migration
29 November 2017

Migrant Support and Refugee Education
Research seminar and lecture
21-22 September 2017

Economic Realities, Social Justice & Faith Traditions
UCSIA Summer School
27 August-2 September 2017

Two Intellectual Giants of the Nineteenth Century and Their Contribution to Modern Jewish Civilization:
Isaac Baer Levinsohn and Morritz Steinschneider

Lecture UCSIA/IJS-leerstoel
22 February 2017

Missionaries, Meshumadim (Converts) and Maskilim (Jewish Enlighteners):
An Entagled History of Christians, Jews, and Those in Between in Nineteenth Century Europe

Lecture UCSIA/IJS Chair
16 February 2017

Dealing Differently with Time: When Kairos Invites Us
lecture and New Year's reception
19 January 2017

Sustainable Development and the Contribution of Church Communities
Academic Workshop
7-9 December 2016

Shattered Narratives
6 December 2016

Mystic Freedom: Traditions and Future
2 December 2016

The Divine Countenance of Charity
Conference (Dutch)
16 November 2016

The Religious Community Life: A World Between Tradition and Innovation
Academic Workshop 
19-21 October 2016

From fear for the other to love of his religion
12 September 2016

Public Religion, Spirituality and Lifestyle
Summer school
28 August - 4 September 2016

Moses: God's Partner or Adversary?
21 March 2016

What's Divine about Divine Law?
17 March 2016

The Iconography of Lumumba and the Work of Raoul Peck
Lecture & film
17 February 2016

Learn to Live with Terror?
Lecture & new year's reception
21 January 2016

Mystical Love in Christianity and Islam
4 December 2015

Is Faith-Based Violence Religious?
Summer school
24-30 August 2015

Expressive Individualism: The Cult of the Artist as Genius and Milton's Lucifer
22 April 2015

Remaining Silent on God?
12 & 19 February 2015

Interreligious Pastoral Care in a Pluralist and Secularised Society
Lectures and conference
5-7 November 2014

International Migration at a Crossroads
Lecture UCSIA Chair
2 October 2014

Religion, Culture and Society
Summer School
3-5 September 2014

Transcendence in the tension between modernity and religion
Lecture and conference
8-9 May 2014

Is There a Judeo-Christian Tradition?
12-13 February 2014

The Visionary Experience in Art
6 February 2014

Youth (Sub)Cultures: Download the Drivers | From Art of Resistance to Creative Innovation
Academic workshop
4-6 December 2013

Art as Generator of Change in Society
5 November 2013

Social, Political and Religious Changes and Plurality 
International Summer School
25 August-1 September 2013

God and Nature: Jews, Christians and the Challenge of Early Modern Science
21 February 2013

How Jews and Christians Read the Opening Chapters of the Book of Genesis
7 March 2013

Archive as Performance, Performance as Archive
Art Project with Ria Pacquée en Harry Gamboa
3-10 October 2012

The Sources of Antwerp's Polyglot Bible
6 March 2012

Plantijn's Rabbi
16 February 2012

Art & Street
Art Project
November 2011

Religion, Culture and Society
Summer School
28 August-4 September 2011

Pilgrimage in Pluralist Europe Today. Religion, Politics and Heritage
Academic workshop
19-20 May 2011

Divided Souls: Jews, Christians and Converts in Early Modern Europe
17 February 2011

Jewish-Christian Time: Polemics in the Representation of Time
22 February 2011

25 November 2010

Craigie Horsfield
Art Project
20 October-8 December 2010

Religion, Culture and Society
Summer Seminar 2010
26-28 August 2010

The Paradox of Tolerance
Lecture Series
Autumn 2010

Politics of the Image. Alfredo Jaar
Art project
9-13 November 2009

Get Out of Your Digs!
Guided Student Tour
22 April 2009

The Redemptive Power of Humor in Religion
International Conference and Public Lecture
20-21 April 2009

Get Out of Your Digs!
Guided Student Tour
18 March 2009

The Sacred in the Metropolis
Workshop and Public Lecture (in English)
24 March 2009 and 1 April 2009

Modern Jewish Intellectual and Cultural History
Public Lecture (in English)
5 March 2009

Jewish and Christian Cultures in Early Modern Europe
Public Lecture (in English)
12 February 2009

Encountering Mystics
Lecture Series
Academic Year 2008-2009

Religion, Culture and Society
International Summer School
1-7 September 2008

The Jewish Book in a Christian World
International conference
25-27 May 2008

The Roots of Modern Turkey
Public Lecture
14 May 2008

Qur'an and Woman
Public Lecture
9 May 2008

Urban Multilingualism and Intercultural Communication
12 March 2008

Christian and Muslim Minorities in Transition in Europe and the Middle East 
Academic Workshop
5-7 December 2007

Religion, Culture and Society
Summer School
2-9 September 2007

Globally Connected, Locally Rooted
14 June 2007

Mulieres religiosae
Academic Workshop
1-2 March 2007

Book Launch "Faith-based Radicalism"
Public Lecture
18 January 2007

Ruusbroec in Babel
Public Lecture
23 September 2006

Dialogue Trilogy III
Lecture Series
Academic Year 2005-2006

Book Launch "Trialogue"
Public Lecture
27 October 2005

Faith-based Radicalism
International Summer School
15-25 September 2005

Book Presentation "How to Conquer the Barriers to Intercultural Dialogue?"
Public lecture
27 January 2005

Dialogue Trilogy II
Lecture Series
Academic Year 2004-2005

Women and the Feminine Principle in Buddhism and Islam
Public lecture
29 May 2004

Dialogue Trilogy I
Lecture Series
Academic Year 2003-2004

How to Conquer the Barriers to Intercultural Dialogue?
International Summer School
15-26 September 2003