Welcome to the website of the  UCSIA Summer School Religion, Culture and Society. 

In 2013 the emphasis of the summer school programme will be on Religion, Reform and the Challenge of Plurality. The programme will start on Sunday August 25th 2013 (arrival) and finish on Sunday September 1st 2013 (departure).  

The deadline for applications is Sunday 28th of April 2013. 

We will research these processes of change that arise in the interaction between religions and societies in contexts of plurality - especially also in a global world -, where a diversity of religions and societal perspectives are present, identity-claims are problematised, and the understanding of citizenship is evolving. What role can religions play in shaping such societies? How do plural societies affect religions towards changing their own attitudes towards one another and revising their role in society? How do religious convictions and perspectives on citizenship relate to one another? Can one ‘belong’ to various cultures and religions? These challenges can be studied in various areas: changes in the perception and self-image of religions and faith-based organizations (so-called ‘identity-issues”), education, public health management, welfare programs, the relevance of voluntary work, attitudes towards (im)migration, gender and race issues, culture, politics, involvement in the public sphere, etc.

Previous summer school topics were:
2007: Gender 
2008: Multiculturalism
2009: Religion and politics
2010: Religion and culture in a globalizing world (two-day conference)
2011: Religion and international relations
2012: Secularism(s) and religion in society
2013: Religion, Reform and the Challenge of Plurality
2014: Religion and Culture in a Globalized World: Questioning our Research Frames (alumni conference)