Planetary Theology and Climate Change

What is the role of ‘man’, ‘government’ and ‘the political’ in the context of climate change? Prof. Peter Scott draws from popular culture and from planetary and political theology in this webinar.
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Javier Melloni sj

Ouverture à la diversité religieuse

On Wednesday 21 April from 7.00 – 9.45 p.m. UTC+2, inTOUCH organizes, together with Chapelle pour l’Europe and UCSIA an online book launch of Ouverture à la diversité religieuse, the first French publication by the Spanish Jesuit Javier Melloni. The book calls on religious traditions to open up to diversity within their own traditions.
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Masculinities in Times of Crisis

In times of conflict or crisis, political actors often return to the concept of the traditional family and the classical gender roles. In this webinar Brandon Hamber, Catherine Baker, Uğur Ümit Üngör and Philipp Schulz dove into the social construction of gender and explored the alternatives with regard to citizenship.
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ELP fellowship

In the Name of Separation: Judaism and Christianity on Trial

Philosopher and musicologist Danielle Cohen-Levinas of Sorbonne Université gave a webinar on the topic of 'separation'. Judaism and Christianity are Abrahamic religions that share a common text: the Hebrew Bible. However, from the second century onwards, this common foundation has undergone a separation. The text is now available in French, English and Dutch.

Microfinance as a Lever against Poverty

While the COVID-19 pandemic is especially weakening economies in developing countries, microfinance players are taking action to support their most vulnerable clients. Experts Cecile Lapenu (CERISE), Loïc De Cannière (INCOFIN) and Johan Bastiaensen (Institute of Development Policy of the University of Antwerp) discuss the impact of the global corona crisis on poverty and microfinance in developing countries.
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