Passion: Histories of the Heart

Histories of the Heart

exhibit & city walk
14 February - 30 June 2021

Religie en samenleving

Islamic Religious Education in Europe

online book launch
18 May 2021


Behind the Scenes of 'Passion. Histories of the Heart'

The Religious Bodies team takes you behind the scenes of the creation of the Antwerp city walk and exhibition in St Paul’s Church. They share their thoughts on the methods, sources and historiographical fields they used to tell the complex stories of the heart in Catholic symbolism, devotion and mysticism in the 19th and 20th centuries. The emotional meanings of the mortal hearts of believers and the divine hearts of Jesus and Mary take centre stage in a multilayered view of religious images, objects and practices.
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Tribalization of Europe in the World

Tribalization is a global megatrend in today’s world. The election of Donald Trump, the Brexit vote, populist movements like Catalan separatism and democratic backsliding in Central and Eastern Europe are all examples of tribalization. Political scientist Marlene Wind (University of Copenhagen) and historian Koert Debeuf (EUObserver) discussed the tribalization of Europe in the world.
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Planetary Theology and Climate Change

What is the role of ‘man’, ‘government’ and ‘the political’ in the context of climate change? Prof. Peter Scott draws from popular culture and from planetary and political theology in this webinar.
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Javier Melloni sj

Ouverture à la diversité religieuse

On Wednesday 21 April from 7.00 – 9.45 p.m. UTC+2, inTOUCH organizes, together with Chapelle pour l’Europe and UCSIA an online book launch of Ouverture à la diversité religieuse, the first French publication by the Spanish Jesuit Javier Melloni. The book calls on religious traditions to open up to diversity within their own traditions.
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Masculinities in Times of Crisis

In times of conflict or crisis, political actors often return to the concept of the traditional family and the classical gender roles. In this webinar Brandon Hamber, Catherine Baker, Uğur Ümit Üngör and Philipp Schulz dove into the social construction of gender and explored the alternatives with regard to citizenship.
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A Requiem for Peacebuilding?
boek - U-turn 2020


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