Baroque Influencers

summer event
23 June 2022


ELP Graduation Spring '22

30 June 2022


The Rabbi and the Jesuit

lecture UCSIA-IJS Chair
30 June 2022


UCSIA Summer School

Religion, Mobility & Economy

UCSIA Summer School
28 August - 2 September 2022

HDCA conference

Capabilities and Transformative Institutions

HDCA conference
19-22 September 2022


Applications for the European Leadership Programme are open!

The ELP is a fantastic opportunity for young professionals and leaders in Brussels to gain experience in politics, to be part of a community and develop professional skills to become a better leader. It includes private conversations with high level speakers and leaders and a volunteer experience in marginalised communities in Brussels. Apply before 15 September 2022, get started in October 2022

Islamic Religious Education in Europe

How do European countries organize the education of Islam? Scholars from different academic backgrounds and from different European contexts shared their insights at the conference ‘Education of Islam – Islam in Education in Europe’ in Antwerp.
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European Solidarity and Just Finance

European Solidarity and Just Financing

call for papers for an international academic workshop in March 2023. Which place does solidarity have within the European Union? New and existing support mechanisms along with new financing instruments entail further steps in the creation of a ‘Social Europe’. It makes the question ever more pressing which place the EU actually holds in the domain of social policy. Submission deadline: 1 September 2022

Divin-Luc Bikubanya

Meet our ELP-Fellow Divin-Luc Bikubanya

UCSIA welcomes Divin-Luc Bikubanya who joins the team for the coming year as Fellow of the European Leadership Programme. You can meet Divin-Luc at the event organized by USOS and 11.11.11 in De Cinema in Antwerp on 4 May where he will share his insights in a panel discussion following the screening of the film ‘L’empire du silence’.

Digital expo 'Passion: Histories of the Heart'

Call for Papers
Religion, Mobility & Economy

Explore the relations between religion, culture, politics, and economy in fresh, innovative ways! The UCSIA Summer School offers a free one-week interdisciplinary mentoring programme for doctoral students and junior postdoctoral researchers. We extended the application deadline to 25 May 2022.


Minorities, Belonging and Values
A Requiem for Peacebuilding?


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