Gender and Human Rights

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16 December 2020

Gender, Conflict, Citizenship & Belonging

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17-19 March 2021
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Intersectionality, Inequality and the Challenge of European Values

Sociologist Akwugo Emejulu and historian Heleen Debeuckelaere discussed 'Intersectionality, Inequality and the Challenge of European Values' in the sixth webinar in our series on 'European Values, Citizenship & Belonging'.
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The Role of Nationalism in European Community Building

In this session of the series European Values, Citizenship and Belonging, Cynthia Miller-Idriss (American University, Washington, DC) talked about belonging, exclusion and national space. Noel Clycq (University of Antwerp) responded to her talk.
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The Purpose of Finance

What is the purpose of finance? What do we expect from a financial system? David Pitt-Watson (University of Cambridge) discussed these questions with Luc Van Liedekerke (University of Antwerp), Frank Vanaerschot (FairFin) and Tom Van den Berghe (Febelfin).
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Women, Work & Care: Towards a New Economic Balance

Professor Yana Van der Meulen Rodgers reflects on how to build a feminist economy during the Covid-19 pandemic. Following, Ilse De Vooght shares the coming about and the results of the experiment of the 30-hour working week, conducted over the past year at the women’s organization Femma.
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Towards a Financial Market that Serves Society

How do we move towards a financial market that’s serving society? Political economist Ann Pettifor and Thomas Van Craen, Managing Director at Triodos Bank, investigated this question in the first preparatory webinar towards the 'Economy of Francesco' conference. 
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