Stadsfestival 'Barokke Influencers'

2023 will be the year of Baroque Influencers, a brand-new city festival in Antwerp which is being organized by UCSIA.

The seventeenth century was decisive for the development of Antwerp and the Low Countries. The city festival Baroque Influencers shows the influence of the baroque and the central role the Jesuits played in Antwerp. Why are we (still) children of the baroque?

Experience the stunning exhibitions, breathtaking music concerts, and many other captivating events!

Education & Service-Learning


Frank Vandenbroucke

Solidarity in the European Union

Big Questions of Baroque Influencers
24 April 2023

Liz Bucar

Why shopping for our spirituality in all corners of the world can be a problem

Big Questions of Baroque Influencers
3 May 2023


Belief in solidarity

Call for Papers
Belief in Solidarity

What is the role of faith and religious inspiration in organizing solidarities? The workshop 'Belief in Solidarity' will examine this topic both in the context of contemporary superdiverse and post-secular urbanized societies, as well as in secularizing societies from the nineteenth century onwards. Confirmed keynotespeakers are Anne Birgitta Pessi and Joan Stavo-Debauge. Application deadline: 28 June 2023.

Last call for the European Leadership Programme!

The ELP is a fantastic opportunity for young professionals and leaders to gain experience in politics, to be part of a community and develop professional skills to become a better leader. It includes private conversations with high level speakers and leaders and a volunteer experience in marginalised communities in Brussels. Apply before 15 February 2023!
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Minorities, Belonging and Values
A Requiem for Peacebuilding?


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