The Dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims

Experts Felix Körner sj and Etienne Vetö discussed the current issues in the trialogue with representatives of the three different faiths. This online colloquium celebrates the 20th anniversary of Christian magazine Tertio, and was organized in cooperation with The Institute of Jewish Studies (IJS) and UCSIA.
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The role of war recollection in European integration

In this session of the series European Values, Citizenship and Belonging, Peter Verovšek (University of Sheffield) talked about rupture and integration in the wake of total war. Historian Herman Van Goethem, rector of the University of Antwerp, responded to his talk.
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Christianity, Social Justice and Civic Duty after Assisi 2020

On 3 October 2020, Pope Francis launched his new encyclical Fratelli Tutti in Assisi. Francis Davis explores what we can learn from the document. The main question of this online lecture is: how can we concretize fresh strategies to shape social and economic change and civic duties as we tease out a global future in the age of disruption?
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The Refugee Crisis, Solidarity and Values

In this session of the series European Values, Citizenship and Belonging, Lilian Tsourdy (Maastricht University) talked about EU’s ‘Refugee Crisis’ as a Crisis of EU Values and Governance. Philippe De Bruycker, a lawyer specialised in European Immigration and Asylum Law, Free movement of European citizens and comparative aliens law, responded to her talk.
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Summer School webinar 'The Prosperity Ethic'

In this exclusive webinar with two of our Summer School tutors, socioligist Jayeel Cornelio presented his research on the prosperity ethic in the Philippines. Angie Heo responded from an anthropological angle. This year's Summer School on 'Religion, Mobility and Politics' had to be postponed due to the pandemic. With this webinar we brought together the researchers.
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