Passion: Histories of the Heart

Histories of the Heart

exhibit & city walk
14 February - 30 June 2021

webinar Gender & Peace

Masculinities in Times of Crisis

18 March 2021


Microfinance as a Lever against Poverty

While the COVID-19 pandemic is especially weakening economies in developing countries, microfinance players are taking action to support their most vulnerable clients. Experts Cecile Lapenu (CERISE), Loïc De Cannière (INCOFIN) and Johan Bastiaensen (Institute of Development Policy of the University of Antwerp) discuss the impact of the global corona crisis on poverty and microfinance in developing countries.
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Security Cooperation Europe & the United States

This webinar with Stephen G. Brooks (Dartmouth), Sven Biscop (Egmont Royal Institute) and Tom Sauer (University of Antwerp) analyses of EU-U.S. relations in the light of the recent presidential elections in the United States.
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2020 in a nutshell

2020 goes down in history as the year of the pandemic. The year of social distance, lockdowns and hand sanitizer. But also the year of slowing down, standing still and looking ahead. The corona virus hit the world hard. However, UCSIA continued to contribute to broad and deep societal reflection. Our online presence grew like never before. In this video we look back on an exceptional year.
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ELP fellowship

UCSIA Fellowship European Leadership Programme

The ELP is a five month formation where the Fellows are required to do full time traineeship in EU institutions or in the EU ecosystem, like UCSIA. Besides the work experience, they receive leadership formation, take part at fireside chat with decision-makers and are offered personal coaching and mentoring time to support them in their vocation discernment. UCSIA offers a full stipend Fellowship.

Seeking Asylum in Europe: ‘European Values’ and Queer Claims

Nuno Ferreira (University of Sussex) and Alexander Dhoest (University of Antwerp) concluded the series on European values, citizenship and belonging with a webinar on gender identity and human rights.
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