UCSIA provides a platform for the exchange of scientific findings in the field of religion, culture and society and their mutual relationships. UCSIA distinguishes the following themes.

By focusing on religion, UCSIA stays true to its roots: the Christian tradition in general and the Jesuit tradition in particular. This implies that we look at our own world with an open and positive attitude, that we are well aware of the fact that private matters must be examined in order to discern something about the ‘universal’. Solid knowledge of religions and life philosophies is essential, not only to participate in the public debate, but also to underpin our own spirituality. Another important topic for UCSIA is the interaction between life philosophies and natural science. Although man cannot be reduced to biochemistry, neurology, psychology or sociology, these disciplines help us to understand religious experiences. UCSIA strives to further explore these topics on the crossroads of natural science, morality and meaning.


UCSIA Summer School 2022

UCSIA Summer School

At our annual summer school on religion, culture and society, young scholars and PhD students attend class with international experts and present their own research.


encourages the study of Judaism's and Hebraism's history from the perspective of Jewish-Christian dialogue in order to interpret its place in the contemporary European culture



Contemplation & Action

Ruusbroec Day 2023 (in Dutch)
1 December 2023


Chaplaincy in Support of Students’ Mental Well-being

VUHP seminar (in Dutch)
18-19 January 2024

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Grote Vragen van Barokke Influencers

20th anniversary UCSIA Summer School

This year UCSIA celebrates the 20th anniversary of its summer school for PhD and postdoctoral students with a research interest in religion. To mark the occasion, UCSIA organized an academic workshop to discuss contemporary issues in the study of religion. The participants included 5 alumni, 5 guest lecturers, and the 6 members of the UCSIA Summer School steering committee. The next summer school will take place in 2024.
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Islamic Religious Education in Europe

How do European countries organize the education of Islam? Scholars from different academic backgrounds and from different European contexts shared their insights at the conference ‘Education of Islam – Islam in Education in Europe’ in Antwerp.
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