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UCSIA is the heir of the former Jesuit university and business school UFSIA, and is therefore indebted to the Jesuit tradition. The UCSIA topics ‘Economy & Ethics’ and ‘Europe & Solidarity’ stem from the socio-economic focus within the educational programmes of UFSIA. ‘Religion, Culture & Society’ examines the spiritual dimension of being human in the world.

These key topics are in line with the Jesuit vision on education as caring for the individual person as a whole: head, heart and hands. Broad and thorough scientific knowledge, spirituality, commitment and service, inspired by Ignatius’ motto: En todo amar y servir. Service is also reflected in the promotion of Community Service Learning, which UCSIA is strongly committed to.

To ensure good education, personal development and mental health: these key aspects from the rich spiritual legacy of the Society of Jesus are propagated by UCSIA. We work in close collaboration with the members of the Society of Jesus and its many (net)works, both locally and internationally.


Ruusbroec Institute

interdisciplinary research centre for the academic study of the history of spirituality in the Low Countries


socio-cultural magazine for the critical reflection on socio-cultural developments


Op weg met Ignatius

Walking with Ignatius

book launch (in Dutch)
27 November 2021
*** postponed ***

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Jesuit Architecture in the Crosshairs of Confessional Politics

Art historian Evonne Levy (University of Toronto) took us on a journey through the key episodes in the politicized interpretation of European Jesuit architecture in the 19th and 20th centuries at the Jesuit heritage summer school.
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Digital expo 'Passion: Histories of the Heart'

Virtual tour 'Passion: Histories of the Heart'

In the spring, the Religious Bodies team and UCSIA organized the exhibition 'Passion: Histories of the Heart' in St Paul’s Church in Antwerp. It tells the complex stories of the heart in Catholic symbolism, devotion and mysticism in the 19th and 20th centuries. The emotional meanings of the mortal hearts of believers and the divine hearts of Jesus and Mary take centre stage in a multilayered view of religious images, objects and practices.
You can now visit the expo online...

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The publications on jesuit heritage will be posted soon.

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