Online conference room

Due to corona, many of our events will be hosted online. The platform we use for online events is Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

How does it work?

  • We host the event on Blackboard Collaborate. This application works best with the browser Google Chrome. If you haven’t got Google Chrome installed on your computer yet, you can download the browser for free here.
  • You will receive the link to the online conference room by e-mail.

What do you need?

You can follow the event on a computer, tablet or smartphone with a stable internet connection.

The instruction videos below will show you:

  • How you alter cookie settings
  • How you use the chat
  • How you turn off notifications
  • How you leave the session

You can enlarge the videos by clicking in the bottom right corner of the video.



Problems with loging in
You clicked the link and it leads you to a black screen?

  • Check if you use the browser Google Chrome.
  • Check your cookie settings. Blackboard Collaborate requires you to allow cookies. Watch the instruction video How do you alter your cookie settings?

Problems with the sound

Check your headset:

  • Is it plugged in?
  • Is it muted? (button on your headset)

Check the audio of your computer:

  • Is the audio of your computer muted?
  • Check the audio settings in Collaborate.
  • Did you select the right hardware (microphone/headset)?

Other problems?

Click on the double arrow in the right bottom corner, to reach us by chat. We will try to help you solve your problems.


  • Find yourself a quiet room.
  • Test audio and video in advance.
  • Blackboard Collaborate works best with the internet browser Google Chrome. This browser handles audio and video best. You can download the browser for free. Other browsers might not support all functionalities, but still do a decent job. The use of Edge, however, is not recommended.
  • A headset can be convenient, especially when you’re in the same (physical) room as other participants, because this can cause feedback.
  • An internet connection with a cable is more stable than WiFi, especially when your WiFi network is accessible to more people.
  • Don’t forget to leave the session. Click on the left symbol in the menu in the bottom center of your screen. Choose ‘Leave session’.


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