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European Solidarity and Just Finance

European Solidarity and Just Financing

call for papers for an international academic workshop in March 2023. Which place does solidarity have within the European Union? New and existing support mechanisms along with new financing instruments entail further steps in the creation of a ‘Social Europe’. It makes the question ever more pressing which place the EU actually holds in the domain of social policy. Extended submission deadline: 24 October 2022


John Locke and liberalism

John Locke was a major philosopher in early Enlightenment. He is considered to be the father of liberalism. What was his take on the social contract? Political philosopher Alexander Rosenthal (Johns Hopkins University) puts John Locke in the context of the emerging liberalism.
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The Purpose of Finance

What is the purpose of finance? What do we expect from a financial system? David Pitt-Watson (University of Cambridge) discussed these questions with Luc Van Liedekerke (University of Antwerp), Frank Vanaerschot (FairFin) and Tom Van den Berghe (Febelfin).
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Towards a Financial Market that Serves Society

How do we move towards a financial market that’s serving society? Political economist Ann Pettifor and Thomas Van Craen, Managing Director at Triodos Bank, investigated this question in the first preparatory webinar towards the 'Economy of Francesco' conference. 
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Christianity, Social Justice and Civic Duty after Assisi 2020

On 3 October 2020, Pope Francis launched his new encyclical Fratelli Tutti in Assisi. Francis Davis explores what we can learn from the document. The main question of this online lecture is: how can we concretize fresh strategies to shape social and economic change and civic duties as we tease out a global future in the age of disruption?
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Vote for the Circular Economy Challenge

The Circular Economy Challenge of the VUB Chair of Social Entrepreneurship selected a number of wonderful projects with great potential to resolve sustainability issues of our planet. Check out the inspiring finalists and vote for your favorite until 10 May 2020!

Corona virus

Due to the outbreak of the corona virus, we decided to cancel all UCSIA events in March. Our coworkers will be working from home as much as possibe, so our opening hours will be limited.


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