FUCE Course on European Humanism in the Making

The programme consists of the following five modules, structured in two parts:

 PART I – Historical and Cultural Roots: Implications for Europe Today

  1. European History and Consciousness
  2. Literature, the Arts, Translation and European Identity
  3. The Influence of Europe in the History of Science

 PART II – Social and Political Construction: Implications for the Future of Europe

  1. European Social Humanism
  2. Democracy and Civic Engagement: Beyond Differences

 Courses I, II and III form an essential basis for understanding how facts and fiction shape a mental geography with real impact in the world and how this legacy needs to be critically reinterpreted in light of the future.

Courses IV and V focus on the social and political dimensions of Europe inviting a constructive reflection about the European model we want to build.

It helps students to acquire a ‘mentality of social responsibility’ within European humanism, a new kind of citizenship which can help to overcome these challenges and contribute in an active way to an advanced European humanism, becoming agents of change.

 A first trial-run for bachelor students is programmed from July 8th until 12th at LUMSA university in Gubbio, Italy.


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