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Zero Point 1945. The Low Countries a Generation Later

Zero Point 1945. The Low Countries a Generation Later, recently published by Ons Erfdeel vzw, starts from the question whether we could consider 1945 as point zero for the world we live in today, 75 years or a generation later. Much of what was conceived at that time – from the welfare state to economic reconstruction and growth, from decolonization to the declaration of universal human rights, security cooperation (Benelux, NATO and European Union) – is now under pressure and in need of reform.

These topics also figure on the agenda of our thematic project line Europe and Solidarity. Some of the authors are partners in our projects, such as political scientist Tom Sauer (cf. international workshop The Broken Security Umbrella. Shifting Security Architecture in Europe and the Asia-Pacific) and social policy expert Bea Cantillon from the University of Antwerp (cf. conference on food aid and European social policy).

We recommend the site where you can find some of the articles of the publication in English translation.


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