Teaching Chair on Peace Education

UCSIA started up a new teaching chair at the University of Antwerp as a continuation of the already existing ‘training for peace education’. The teaching chair results from a cooperation with the Center for Peace of the Province and the City of Antwerp and the University of Antwerp. Each edition will examine an aspect of peace in its manifold manifestations and subject it to a scholarly multidisciplinary investigation.


Reconciliation in Contexts of Social Exclusion

lecture and panel debate
Chair Peace Education
3 April 2019

Peace and the Formation of Political Order

lecture Chair Peace Education
5 December 2018

Edition 2017: Lecture Series 2017-18

  • lecture Pacifism in Practice by Meena Sharify-Funk and Cheyney Ryan on 6 December 2017
  • lecture Non-Nuclear Peace by Campbell Craig on 23 May 2018
  • lecture Peacebuilding by Oliver Richmond on 5 December 2018

Edition 2016:
public lecture and expert seminar by Johan Galtung on April 21st and 22nd 2016.

Previous editions:
Colloquium Peace-keeping and Conflict Mediation in Companies in cooperation with the SPES-forum and AMS on 29 April 2015.


There is currently no news on the peace education chair.


Pax Christi Flanders

Flemish devision of this international peace movement


global christian community devoted to the poor


peace and remembrance education for both adolescents and adults


coalition of NGOs, unions, movements and various solidarity groups in Flanders


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