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Behind the Scenes of 'Passion. Histories of the Heart'

The Religious Bodies team takes you behind the scenes of the creation of the Antwerp city walk and exhibition in St Paul’s Church. They share their thoughts on the methods, sources and historiographical fields they used to tell the complex stories of the heart in Catholic symbolism, devotion and mysticism in the 19th and 20th centuries. The emotional meanings of the mortal hearts of believers and the divine hearts of Jesus and Mary take centre stage in a multilayered view of religious images, objects and practices.
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New vision statement 'Jesuit Heritage'

What does the UCSIA theme ‘Jesuit Heritage' embrace? What topics are selected and why? What will we highlight in the coming years?
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Self-sacrificing love in the workplace

The chairman of the SCRIBANI network, political philosopher Patrick Riordan SJ, is an expert in Catholic social doctrine. In this article he starts from the commitment of the health workers in the current crisis to highlight the principle of priority of labour over capital, a central theme in the doctrine. It was published on April 20th in the online journal of the Brittish Jesuits ‘Thinking Faith’.
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Don’t give up hope! Insights-from 'Laudato Sí' in times of crisis

Martin Maier SJ, Secretary of European Affairs of the Jesuit European Social Centre, analyses the health crisis today in the light of Pope Francis' encyclic 'Laudato Sí'. How can the recommendations in the encyclic inspire us to rethink the current model of globalization?
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Webinar Fr. General on the mission of the Society of Jesus post COVID

On 30 April Fr. General Arturo Sosa sj gave a webinar on caring for the mission of the Society of Jesus post COVID following his letter of 25 March.
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Pope Francis urges to reflect on “life after the pandemic”

In the wake of Easter, Pope Francis wrote a letter to the popular movements and organizations that keep the society going today, in the struggle against COVID-19. In this letter, he urges us not to fall into former routines at the end of this crisis, but to ask ourselves how we can do things differently.
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Fr. General Arturo Sosa sj on the Covid-19 Pandemic

On 24 March Fr. General Arturo Sosa sj published a video message on what the COVID-19 epidemic showing us about ourselves, the world and the path to God.
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Corona virus

Due to the outbreak of the corona virus, we decided to cancel all UCSIA events in March. Our coworkers will be working from home as much as possibe, so our opening hours will be limited.


ARIA Art Festival

Louise Nelstrop and Pol Herrmann were inspired by the female mystics Hadewijch and Porete. They made a short film, partly because of financial support by UCSIA, about contemporary artists (Wim Henderickx, Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven, Aline Kiner, An Pierlé, Hendrik Vanden Abeele) interpreting and mediating the mystics.

They were counter-institutional figures writing about love; that makes them very appealing to artists. The film is a portrait of 5 famous artists who tell us about the mystics and their relevance today. The artists relate to them in a whole new way.

The film will be projected at the yearly ARIA art festival ‘Integrated’ from 7-8 November 2019 in De Singel (Antwerp). This year’s theme is ‘Radical Imagination’. For more information and tickets, click here.


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