Post-Corona Economy

Expert Seminar & Evening Lecture

15 October 2020

Post-Corona Economy: Can We Learn From the Religious Sector?

Expert Seminar (closed)

The corona pandemic is challenging the world economy. During the first half of 2020, it has become painfully clear how dependent we are on the globalized market and its seemingly infinite growth. The current economic standstill, however, is the perfect moment to consider the implementation of an alternative, value-based economy; an economy where solidarity and sustainability are superior to financial profit. Next to academic scholars, civil society organizations and policy makers, religious leaders have been advocating a social and economic transformation. But how can religions contribute to a matter so worldly as economics? How can they influence the economy in an emancipatory way?

UCSIA has invited eight European scholars to discuss these questions during a closed academic seminar on 15 October 2020. Their contributions will be published in Post-Corona Economy: Can We Learn from the Religious Sector?, by ASP in the fall of 2021.


We Are All Brothers and Sisters? Christianity, Social Justice and Civic Duty after Assisi 2020

Online Lecture on 15 October

In conclusion of the seminar, Francis Davis, Professor of Religion, Communities and Public Policy at the University of Birmingham, gave a public lecture on Pope Francis’ new encyclical.

On 3 October 2020, Pope Francis launched his new encyclical Fratelli Tutti in Assisi. This document lands as many countries continue to grieve, still face lockdown and seek to plan steps forward economically, and churches explore how to speak and act into the ‘living with pandemics including Covid’ reality. In his keynote address, Davis explores what we can learn from the document. He looks into the principles, precepts and gaps the encyclical presents us with. The main question of his lecture is: how can we concretize fresh strategies to shape social and economic change and civic duties as we tease out a global future in the age of disruption?

Francis Davis is Professor of Religion, Communities and Public Policy and Director of Policy, Edward Cadbury Centre at the University of Birmingham. He is also Professorial Fellow at Oxford University. His research is focused at the intersection of business, civil society, and central and local governments.


Francis Davis

Francis Davis

Professor of Religion, Communities and Public Policy, Director of Policy at the Edward Cadbury Centre at the University of Birmingham and Professorial Fellow at Oxford University

Hans Geybels

Hans Geybels

Founder of the Christian inspired forum Logia and coordinator of the Research Unit of Pastoral and Empirical Theology of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies at the KU Leuven


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