Women Mystics II

Traditionally, mystical women are associated with the physical or spiritual abandonment of the world; they turn inwards to their own soul or are invisible behind the walls of a monastery. That is an all too limited picture, however, for the writers among them. The written word carries far, transcending the boundaries of both physical confinement and time.

Four guest speakers highlighted four female mystical authors from different time periods: Beatrijs Van Nazareth, Maria Van Hout, Edith Stein and Madame Guyon. Each in their own way let their voices be heard through their actions and writings, and that intellectual legacy still speaks to us today. Poet-performer and editor of the magazine Streven Annemarie Estor let the mystical women speak for themselves by giving voice to their words.

More information is available in Dutch.

Date & Time

7 December 2018
 2-6.30 p.m.


University of Antwerp
Kapel van de Grauwzusters
Lange Sint-Annastraat 7
2000 Antwerp


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