Mathematics and sciences as art for tomorrow

Lecture (in Dutch) on 25 October 2023

Maths and sciences were so important to the Jesuits in the 17th century that they set up a school specifically for them in Antwerp. Today, mathematics and sciences have lost none of their importance. In two fascinating lectures with a concluding panel discussion, Ann Dooms and Manuel Sintubin will show how they are invaluable for tackling tomorrow’s challenges. And thus how crucial they are for the formation of our young people.

More Big Questions at the Baroque Influencers city festival:


The Teacher as Influencer

webinar (in Dutch)
Big Questions of Baroque Influencers
4 October 2023

Het interieur en gekende tegelvloer van de Sint-Carolus Borromeuskerk in Antwerpen geschilderd door Wilhelm Schubert van Ehrenberg

Calculated Believers? Painters, the Jesuits and Innovative Mathematics

lecture (in Dutch)
Big Questions of Baroque Influencers
10 October 2023

Borders © Siora Photography

To the Borders:
How can we reach people at the margins of society through education?

panel discussion (in Dutch)
Big Questions of Baroque Influencers
16 October 2023

Date & Time

Wednesday 25 October 2023
8.00 – 9.30 p.m.


De Studio
Maarschalk Gérardstraat 4
2000 Antwerpen


Tickets: 10 euro / 5 euro (-26 yo)
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